Shade changing Sunglasses Review

Lately, igear eyewear has launched its all new innovative range of products which includes both sunglasses and reading glasses, igear has been working for past many years on creating a revolutionary product, the designers of the product had a thought in mind, that how would it be if there is a sunglass which can change the shades of its lens?, i mean are there any pair of sunglasses where you can actually adjust the shade of your sunnies, are you kidding ? that’s what i asked the company representatives, and they replied, yes that’s possible, igear eyewear has launched their most innovative sunglasses which they call “SWITCH Shades“. Now upon watching the product, the product finish is Matte, which really adds the style quotient to the sunglasses, i was also told that the frame material is scratch resistant, the looks are bold, which i often see today on the fashion circuit. There are two volume rockers nicely camouflaging on top of the right temple of the sunglasses, and by pressing the buttons you can actually adjust the shades of the lens

So how does it work ?

The company revealed that the specially created lens of the sunglasses are proprietary, and when electrons are induced to these lenses, we can get this result, now i am not that techie, so i ll give this a skip and i was more interested in trying them on, and to my surprise i haven’t seen such a cool pair of sunglasses in my life, i mean everyone wears a branded sunglasses, but hats off to igear to actually attempting to create such a product. the product is way cool and totally innovative

For Global Consumers Switch shades are available at, this website is also owned and managed by igear eyewear, the purpose of this website is to cater to global consumers, payments are accepted via paypal, they are offering Switch Shaes for $36 only with free shipping.

So here’s is the video which should give you a better understanding on the product and below are some images

Shade changing Sunglasses




IMG_7490 copy


IMG_7341 copy



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