Though we do not have Kids glasses at present but we thought of writing on How to choose glasses for kids because as times changing kids these days are independent and more choosey about what they want to wear, where they want to go, their fashion sense and their world

As parents the search for the eyewear for your child can be confusing, especially if it’s the first pair of eyewear for your child.

Therefore to help you get away from the confusion, we bring to you some tips which would help you all to choose the right eyewear for your child

Criteria of selection of glasses for kids

  1. Doctor’s prescription is the foremost important thing, so keep it ready it will make switching lens time saving and reasonable too. The prescription also helps the optician to select the frame accordingly.
  2. As generation x the kids today are smarter, so it is always advisable to always involve your kid as they will wear them and it’s important that they enjoy wearing them. Their approval means a lot.
  3. The level of activity and their care of the personal belonging should be kept in mind. Children involved in a lots of sports activity will require a sports frame, which will be separate from their every day glasses.

The more delicate frames may be taken into consideration if the child is responsible and takes good care of his/her belongings.

  1. Last but foremost important is considering your child’s facial features. In most cases the nose is still developing and it’s difficult for the glasses to sit well on the nose bridge. Also the children who are inspired by their adults and want to emulate them in that case the depth and arms of the frame may not be appropriate.

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Plastic frames or metal frames

Plastic is light and fragile therefore its more safer for younger children and the active ones.

Metal frames on the other hand have nose pads and therefore are ideal for children with high cheek bones or those who have flat nose.

Care tips for the frames

Proper care can increase the life of any product same goes with eyewear too. Cleaning your eyewear daily with eyeglass cleaner or with mild soap and water, and when not in use keep them safely in the case always.


Multiple frames for kids

Those children who are more active and those who have stronger prescriptions, and cannot do without their eyewear an extra ‘back up pair’ is always recommended.

Sports glasses and swimming goggles are also amongst the one that we recommend. To choose eyewear for today and not for the future is highly recommended. There is no point taking a size bigger for your children as they will not fit and will be uncomfortable. So it’s wise to choose eyewear for the next six to twelve months and not for the years to come

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