Top 5 Women Eyewear Trends 2015-16

As many of us complain of the unforgiving extreme climate in India, the perennial sunshine gives us even more reasons to sport those glamorous sunglasses! and while we look out for more reasons to head outdoors, protecting your eyes from the sun becomes even more important.

If stylish boots, coats and hats are becoming your shopping agenda for the coming months, team igear is recommending the fashion circuit for some stylish sunglasses trends to match your outfits this season. Have a dekkho !

1. OverSized

As we all see people flaunting oversized frames its definitely here to stay. oh yes it makes  you think – “Duh! We already kind of knew that!” But the oversized sunglasses trend is still worth a mention as a major trend this season for the sheer versatility in complimenting practically every face shape.



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2: Graphic

Oversized frames and  graphic prints turns into an instant glamorous look!!! you guys can Sport these sunglasses with a plain outfit and watch them steal the limelight you and they deserve!


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3. The Cateye

Its a classic trend that takes us back to the black and white photos of my mother that I used to browse as a child also these trends were worn by our black and white era bollywood beauties . Metallic frames that curved upwards frames your graceful face giving it an delicate aura. we should be glad that this vintage trend is making a comeback in the modern version as there can be hardly another way to spell timeless beauty!!


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4. Aviators

This trend will never ever see a resting time!! As far as we can remember, Aviator sunglasses have been in fashion trends and making an appearance on the Hot List season after season. Of course, there have been variations like the mirrored glasses trend –  but we believe this is one shape that literally fits all!


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5. Ombre

From tip to toe – the ombre trend makes a big presence in the sunglasses department this season. Probably the most practical of the lot, considering the sun shines overhead while you still need a clear view of the ground.


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